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How do I know if a helmet is safe?

Safe helmets

The next time you buy a new helmet, be sure that it has the certification sticker on it saying that it has been certified by the association and is proper for ice hockey use.

Do I need a big curve to be good?

More Curve or Less?

The curve of a stick is a matter of preference. The more curve you have, the less control, and most players find that a smaller curve results in less power. If a curve is too big the puck often goes high and misses the net which obviously decreases your chance of scoring.

Are there any tricks or tips for stick maintenance?

Let Nature Help Durability

This may seem odd, but if you leave the blade of a hockey stick out in the rain, it becomes more durable and less likely to wear down.

What are the advantages of a longer stick?

Stick Length

There are several advantages to using a longer stick with the obvious being that a player has a wider reach. Defensemen often use a longer stick to have a more effective pokecheck and keep their shots low.

What type of skates should I buy?


When looking for a pair of skates, it is best to always buy a pair that is comfortable and not one that looks good. Always leave space at the end of the foot in case the foot grows during the season.

How long should my stick be?

Stick Preference

Stick selection is really just a matter of preference. Most players feel they have better control over their stick and thus, stickhandling, by using a shorter stick. However, a shorter stick makes it more difficult to shoot the puck low.

How much tape should I put on my stick?

Taping Your Hockey Stick

Many players have trouble deciding the best way to tape their sticks. If you watch professional players, you'll notice that they have only a bit of tape on their sticks. The best thing for a minor hockey player is to tape the entire blade of the stick.

Are the sizes for goalie equipment for kids the same for all hockey?

Goalie Equipment for youngsters

Are goalie equipment sizes different for a child playing street hockey versus ice hockey? The sizes are almost the same, but some people mistake the street hockey equipment for ice hockey equipment and this can cause injuries. So in general, the sizes are the exact but expect the child to grow fast.

How can I increase/decrease the curve in my blade?

Curving Your Blade

Wondering how to put a curve into a hockey stick? Place a blow dryer a few inches from the blade and leave it on the blade for not more than a minute and a half. Make sure you get both sides of the blade. Once you're done, quickly place the blade under a door or do it with your foot. Make sure you don't break the blade or curve it too much.

Should I choose a wooden stick or an aluminum stick?

Aluminum or Wood Sticks?

Wooden sticks are traditional and give you a better feel for the shot. Aluminum sticks are much lighter and let you do better puck handling.

What length should my stick be cut?

How to Measure

The perfect way to measure a stick (before cutting) would be holding it up to your chin while not on skates. If you like having a long reach make it longer, and if not, make it shorter for better stick handling skills (as well as a lighter stick).

How can I improve the performance of my hockey equipment?

More Whip and Flex

If you shave down your blade, you can get more whip and flex. Also, when shaved down, the toe of the blade helps you feel the puck better. To shave the bottom of the blade down to get more whip, you need a sander. Sand down the bottom, or if you like, lay the blade down and shave the top of it. This will make the blade shaped at an angle.

Do I need a big curve to be good?

Which Curve?

Most minor hockey players think that a big curve on their hockey stick blades will improve their level of play and even improve the quality of their shots. This assumption is absolutely wrong. Great players in the NHL like Doug Gilmour and Theoren Fleury play with an almost flat blade and they manage to score and play better than anyone else.

Which brand of hockey stick should I choose?

Best Stick Brand

Choose Bauer-made hockey sticks (as well as other equipment made by Bauer). They are the originators of hockey equipment and have the best knowledge and technology.

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