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What can a ice hockey team practice to have a good breakout?

Individual skills on the breakout in ice hockey

On Breakouts
* The puck carrier should skate directly at the forechecker so he can't create a good angle to steer him into a wide lane, this allows him to pass
either way.
* The most important concept in the break out is for the puck carrier to drive skate to open ice when you get the puck, this creates time, avoids checkers and creates new passing lanes.
* The best play is a direct pass to a winger on the boards.
* When pressured never hesitate to dump the puck out.
* Always look for the quick breakout first.
* Don't leave men behind you on breakouts.
* When under a lot of pressure move the puck quickly away from the pressure by using a counter, D to D bank, reverse or a rim.
* Passes around boards must be hard.
* To beat a pinch the forward should either swing very low and give and go with the defenseman or else be out high near the blue line for the pass and
simply chip it over the blue line behind the pinching defenseman.

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