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What should you do if you end up in a fight?


If you find that your aggressiveness has led you into a fight, there are a couple techniques that are essential for survival. Grab the jersey of your opponent's "punching" arm around the shoulder to decrease his ability to throw a punch. Tuck your chin and nose into the shoulder of the arm that is holding onto your opponent.

What is roughing?


A roughing penalty is when a player uses a level of roughness on another player that is not necessary or is not within the rules of the game of hockey. This includes punching another player (when it's not a fight).

What is boarding?


Boarding is when a player hits another player into the boards in a dangerous way with the intent of injuring that player. The penalty for this infraction can be either a 2 minute call, a 5 minute call or a complete game misconduct.

What is tripping?


A tripping penalty results when a player knocks another player right off his feet by using his sticks on the other player's legs. The usual call for this is a 2 minute penalty.

What is a delay of game penalty against a goalie?

Delay of Game/Goalies

This penalty is called when a goalie shoots the puck over the glass and into the crowd. This is not allowed because goalies could keep on doing this all game and waste play time. A player of the same team has to serve the penalty for only 2 minutes.

What is a fighting penalty?


A fighting penalty occurs when two players decide to engage in a fight. They will both automatically receive 5 minute penalties for their actions. If one of the players was determined to be the instigator, he will get an extra 2 minutes and will receive a warning from the league that 2 more of these infractions could result in a suspension.

What is interference?


An interference penalty is when a player decides to trip or hook or simply push around another player who is nowhere near the puck at the time of the infraction. This will result in the player getting a 2 minute penalty.

What are players awarded penalty shots?

Penalty Shot

Penalty shots are handed out when a player makes illegal contact with another player who is clearly on a breakaway and has no legitimate chance of being caught without illegal infraction. Another scenario is when a player covers the puck with their hand in their own crease.

How do I avoid offsides?

Avoid Offsides

An offside is when a player crosses the opposing team's blue line before the puck does and play is whistled down. The best thing to do is wait until the puck passes by continuing to move your feet and weaving across the line.

What is hooking?


Hooking is a penalty that is considered "stupid." It is when a player uses his stick in a way that it wraps around another player and hooks him down to the ice. Avoid hooking; it is only for lazy players who can't move their feet enough to catch up with the other player.

Should I take a penalty late in the game?

Play the Game!

The thing a coach hates the most is when a player takes a stupid penalty late in the game or when it's not necessary. A dumb penalty is anything away from the play or a penalty when your team has a powerplay. Examples of this are slashing, high stick, hitting from behind.

What is speering?


A spearing penalty comes when a player uses his stick to poke the opposing player. This action is like the sport of fencing and is considered one of the biggest offenses in hockey. A player is automatically thrown out of the game and will most likely be suspended.

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