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Where can you find good wheels at a cheap price?


If you are not an ultra-serious roller hockey player, then it is difficult to justify high-priced skates and wheels. Search the 'Net carefully. You can find sites that sell wheels wholesale or wheels that have some type of defect (like the label was not put on correctly). You can save plenty of $$$$ and get quality wheels.

Is it hard to switch from roller hockey to ice hockey?


It is difficult to make the transition from roller hockey to ice. Try to show up early to your game and allow yourself time to practice and get used to the feel of your skates and the difference in the feel of the puck.

Is inline skating a good idea?

Style of Play

Many ice hockey players should consider inline skating. It is recommended to stay in shape, but it can change your style of play. Be sure your inline habits don't change your ice hockey playing style.

Should you wear pads if you are a beginner?

Protect Yourself with Padding

Don't be tough and wear shorts and T-shirts when playing roller hockey, especially if you are just starting out. Rollerblades are different than skates and when there is normally an edge to support any sharp turns, there is now pavement to greet you. Wear sweat pants and knee pads (especially if you are blocking shots), elbow pads, and of course a helmet since most surfaces aren't exactly sheets of glass.

Should you use a different stick when playing roller hockey?

Stick Selection

Make sure you use an old stick or a specialized street hockey stick when playing roller hockey. Because you can't use tape on your stick, they get worn down very easily and won't be effective on the ice.

How do you stop on rollerblades?

Skate Stoppers

When making the transition from ice to roller hockey, remember that there is a stopper on the back of one of your boots. It is very helpful and when used effectively will make you extremely elusive on the court.

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