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What is a shutout?


A shutout is when a team fails to score any goals in a game; i.e., they have been completely shut out. This is a vital stat for goalies who keep track of the players with the most shutouts.

What is offside?


An offside is when a player from a team goes across the other team's blue line before the puck goes into the zone. The whistle will then be blown and faceoff will be outside of the zone. The team with the offside player must touch the puck for the whistle to be blown. If the offside player comes back out of the zone before the puck, the play will be called off.

What is a hat trick?

Hat Trick

A hat trick is when a player scores three goals in the same game. It is considered a great feat to accomplish a hat trick in the NHL today.

What is icing?


Icing is when a player fires the puck down the length of the ice without the puck making contact with anyone. The referees call this because if they didn't, players would continue icing throughout a game. Once the icing call is made, the puck comes back inside that team's zone.

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