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How should you spend your time after practice?

European Hockey

The biggest difference between North American hockey and European hockey is that when the coach blows the whistle to end practice in North America, everyone grabs a puck and works on their breakaway move. In Europe, they play keep away. This technique is very apparent in the professional leagues as it is the Europeans that are often the most effective and creative with one-on-ones. Also, when you think about it, what do you do more in a game - have a breakaway or try and keep an opposing player from stealing the puck?

How can I achieve my goal of playing NHL hockey?

The NHL is the ultimate goal

Many kids have the dream of one day playing in the NHL. The best way to achieve this to make your goal or objective to get there and put all your efforts and work into it. Ask any NHL player how hard they worked to get where they are.

How does not taking penalties help?


The NHL is now stricter regarding penalties called. Players should keep their sticks down and refrain from stick work on other players.

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