Best Stick Brand

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Which brand of hockey stick should I choose?

Best Stick Brand

Choose Bauer-made hockey sticks (as well as other equipment made by Bauer). They are the originators of hockey equipment and have the best knowledge and technology.



9/15/2006 10:09:19 AM
Brendan Tedstone said:

I disagree with you pointing everyone to the Bauer sticks. I am a Bauer guy for skates and gloves, but I like Easton sticks. I think that are the best built and give the most performance. I used the Bauer 3030 when I was a wood stick user, but I think the technology for sticks is cornered by Easton or this new comapny Warrior. both are good.

1/1/2009 10:40:05 PM
Spencer S. said:

Did Bauer sponser this site? There are many other quality hockey equipment companies out there. CCM, Easton, RBK, Warrior, Brian's, Heaton, etc. There are two important rules when purchasing stick or other equipment: 1. buy because you like it (fit,looks,wieght,and durability reports) 2. Any time you buy equipment you get what you pay for, any 100 dollar stick will out perform and most likely outlast a 20 dollar stick.


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