1-2-2 Hockey Trap with a Swing

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How do you play a 1-2-2 trap with a swing?

1-2-2 Hockey Trap with a Swing

When the offensive player stops with the puck behind the net.
* First checker, forward one, swing in front toward to other side and replace forward two just above the face off circle.
* Forward two swing in front the other way and if the puck carrier stays behind the net he replaces forward three who is above the other face-off circle.
* If the puck is still behind net the original forward would swing, etc.
* When puck is moved from behind then trap as described in 1-2-2 trap.
* In the neutral zone defend the same as 1-2-2 trap.
Defensive Zone Coverage is the one man on and a box behind in all of these systems.



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