Playing the Trap

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How do you play the 1-2-2 trap?

Playing the Trap

1-2-2 Trap
* First player force puck to the outside lane.
* Strong side forward play body on the puck carrier.
* Weak side forward fill the middle lane.
* Strong side defenseman, stand up and defend red and blue line.
* Weak side defenseman cover the weak side forward.
* Outnumber the offense in the neutral zone, dividing ice in half, weak side defenseman cover wide winger.
* When defenders regain the puck, the wide winger should break through the middle for a penetrating counter attack pass.

Defensive Zone Coverage
All systems use the man on and a box behind coverage as described before.



4/30/2007 10:00:37 AM
B. E.Biggs said:

It is a pity that so many professional defensemen do not seem to be able to understand how to play something as simple as this.


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