Hockey 2-1-2 with a Pinch on a Wide Rim

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How do you play a 2-1-2 with a strong side pinch?

Hockey 2-1-2 with a Pinch on a Wide Rim

The only change from the 2-1-2 with a pinch on a rim is that the third forechecker mirrors the play from the high slot area and fills for the strong side defenseman when he pinches. Number two usually becomes the third man in the high triangle.
This is a more high risk style and is used when you need a goal. The risk is that forwards are the last defenders back. If a team is going to play
this style the forwards must be good at defensive one on one's.

Backchecking Forwards
* Lock (skate through) the centre up to red line and create back pressure by pursuing the puck carrier. If you have a good angle on the puck carrier then finish the play, if you cannot catch him then play a 2 on 2 with the strong side defenseman.
* Communicate and be sure of who is covering who by the red line.
* If the first back checker is pursuing the puck carrier then the weak side defenseman cover wide winger.
* When the back checker is behind the attacker by more than a stick length then leave the puck carrier for the defense and pick up a trailer. Don't check from behind.
* If the first forward is caught up ice giving up a 3-2 then back check to the middle (slot) area, otherwise cover the trailer.
* The last two forwards pick up points; the second forward to the mid slot area and the third forward the puck side point.
* Defenseman read the rush and call out coverage by the red line. On a three on three, if the forward is covering the weak side winger then the weak side defenseman slide to the middle and play a two on two with his defensive partner.
* If the forward is covering the wide winger on a shoot in, hold up the winger then go high on boards for a possible rim.
* Defense try to avoid backing in, if you fear the attackers speed give room on the outside rather than back in and give up the blue line.



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