Playing defense in ice hockey in the neutal zone

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How do ice hockey defensemen play in the neutral zone?

Playing defense in ice hockey in the neutal zone

Neutral Zone - defensively
Diagrams and descriptions of team play.
These are diagrams of many of the systems described below.
* Weak side defenseman covers the wide winger unless the backchecker has him.
* Stay up at the blue line if the wingers are covered.
* Try to meet the play before the blue line on a 2 on 2 and 3 on 3.
* Turn and go with an uncovered breaking winger.
* On a one on one always look through the play and your man, eyes up looking at chest or eyes.
* Talk to forwards and defense partner all the time.
* Don't let an opponent coming out of your zone hang behind you uncovered.



8/4/2006 11:53:55 PM
Jared said:

this is very bad dont listen to this if you want to play like a house dman then this is a great tip


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