Carrying the puck into the zone in ice hockey

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What are some ideas for carrying the puck into the zone in ice hockey?

Carrying the puck into the zone in ice hockey

* When attacking the puck carrier should reach over blue line with the puck as Gretzky to prevent off sides if the play is close.
* Gretzky and Kurri would often cross and drop just before the blue line and cause the defense to stand still.
* Read what the defenders are giving up;
* If they stand up at the blue line then go wide with puck, second player go to the net, third player trail, fourth attacker support from weak side
high slot and fifth attacker support from blue line ready for drop or double drop pass.
* If they back in; puck carrier, go to middle, second attacker cross behind, third player go to post, fourth player give weak side support and fifth
strong side point.
* Always stagger on the attack and don't allow a defenseman to stay in between two parallel attackers. (one high one low, one fast one slow principle)
* The defense should always be ready to join the attack when they see the opportunity. i.e. defenders backs are turned, or the forwards either over back
check or don't back check.



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