Principles of shoot ins in ice hockey

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What are some tips when dumping the puck into the zone in hockey?

Principles of shoot ins in ice hockey

* Be sure to miss the defensemen.
* Shoot the puck in so it bounces away from the goalie in the corner.
* If shooting on the net keep the puck low so goalie will deflect the puck into corner.
* Time the shoot-in for the best possible chance to recover the puck; e.g.
when a teammate is breaking into zone
* When you regain the puck form a triangle with number one on the puck, number two in front of the net and number three in the mid-slot as the high man. When the puck carrier is pressured pass the puck back to the corner and the closest supporting player get it. Always remember to rotate into the open position and always have a third man who is ready to shoot or backcheck on a turn over.



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