Attacking throught the neutral zone in ice hockey

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How do you attack through the neutral zone in ice hockey?

Attacking throught the neutral zone in ice hockey

* Always be ready to counter.
* The closest forward support on the strong side boards,
* The second closest forward give support in the middle lane and the weak side forward can stretch or give width.
* Pass back to the defense and regroup if the defenders outnumber the attackers at the blue line, or shoot in the puck if a forward has speed on
the weak side.
* Have one player in each of the lanes and switch lanes if someone crosses into your lane, the key is the first forward give support on the strong
side boards, he can only leave if the another forward replaces him.
* General rule is to pass wide and skate to the middle with the puck, always try to beat a defender and force him to play you, a supporting forward
should take the ice behind for a drop pass, cross or wide pass.
* Always isolate the widest defender and create a 2-1 situation.



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