How to play a 3 on 3 in ice hockey

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How do you play a 3 on 3 situation in ice hockey?

How to play a 3 on 3 in ice hockey

3 ON 3 SITUATION In Hockey

3 - 3 offense
Play the same as the 3 on 2.
3 - 3 defense
* Get as tight a gap as possible through the neutral zone.
* Communicate and identify who is covering who by the red line.
* If the back checking forward has an angle on the puck carrier he should finish the check; if the attacker is too far ahead then pick up the
* If the back checker has picked up the weak side forward, then the weak side defenseman play a 2 on 2 on the strong side.
* Take the attackers all the way to the net, stay on the defensive side and control their sticks.



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