3 on 2 Game Situation in Ice Hockey

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How do you play a 3 on 2 situation in ice hockey?

3 on 2 Game Situation in Ice Hockey

3 - 2 offense
* Attack as quickly as possible and set up a 2-1 versus one defender.
* Puck carrier try to go to net and force the defender to play you.
* If defenders have backed in cross and drop or cross and pick.
* On a straight attack the second attacker skate to the post, on a cross the third attacker skates to the post.
3 - 2 defensemen
* Delay the attack and try to stand up at blue line.
* Weak side defender take one attacker to the post and strong side defender play the 2-1 and pressure the third man if a trailer pass is made to the middle.



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