Playing a 2-1 in Ice Hockey

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In Ice Hockey how do you play a 2 on 1 situation

Playing a 2-1 in Ice Hockey

2 ON 1 SITUATION In Ice Hockey
2 - 1 offensively
* Challenge the defenceman and use forehand passes whenever possible. This forces the goalkeeper to expect either a shot or pass and creates good passing
* "One high one low one fast one slow," is a poem to remember about not allowing the defenseman to stay in between you and your partner.
* Puck carrier must be a threat so defender cannot overplay pass.
* Make first pass by the top of the slot, this makes second play possible.
* Attack as quickly as possible to eliminate back checkers

2-1 defensively
* Stay in middle of attackers, delay play as much as possible, goalie take the shooter defender deny the pass.
* The most dangerous attacker is in the middle of the ice; so play him. If the puck carrier's is on the off wing and his stick is in the slot he is the most dangerous attacker.
* Don't allow puck carrier to break in post to post but go to him if he cuts in.
* On trailer in middle lane line up with trailer and rush him with the stick in the passing lane when a trailer pass is made,.



12/3/2007 11:18:14 AM
BOB said:

Great tip. Kids don't get the basics for the 2 on 1


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