Defenseman shooting

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How should defenseman practice shooting from the point

Defenseman shooting

We have a rule that the defense must miss the first man with the shot. Our offensive support from the forwards is always the same. F1 must support from the boards on the strong side when the d has the puck at the blueline. If the d has a shooting lane f1 heads for a shot pass or reboung. if the d is pressured he make the safe play to f1 on the boards or puts the puck behind the net. (f2 screens and f3 gets open on the weak side for a one timer, shot pass or crashes the slot for a rebound.)
One drill is to have the d drag and shoot the puck from inside the dot following a pass from the strong side corner. Alternate corners. The key is for the man with the puck to always drive skate to open ice. In this case the d drive skates to the slot to get a shot away.



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