Low Shots

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Where should the puck be shot during practice?

Low Shots

Make it a rule that all shots in practice must hit the net (since you can't score if don't hit the net and it gives your goalie more practice) and keep the shots low. The last thing you want is for your goalie to take a shot off the mask in practice and then fear the puck in an upcoming game.



12/30/2006 9:14:38 PM
NO said:

I disagree you should mix up your shots take high and low shots. If you watch a NHL game on tv most players shoot high than low.

9/28/2007 2:43:05 PM
Anon. said:

I disagree also, what if the goalie gets hit in the head in the game..he's going to fear it then

12/17/2008 2:21:05 PM
Ben Lowe said:

Shoot it where theres an opening, high or low. Also, if you don't miss the net occasionally how are you going to hit the corners?


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