Hockey Defensemen in the Offensive zone

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How should defensemen play hockey in the offensive zone?

Hockey Defensemen in the Offensive zone

Defensemen In the Offensive End
* Be ready to pinch if a forward is in position to cover for you.
* Stand a few feet inside the blue line to prevent the puck from getting out.
* Weak side defense play even with the far post if the puck is in far corner and then adjust to where the attackers are.
* Be alert for breaking forwards and go with them, don't gamble on knocking down the pass.
* Shoot low, just above height of stick blade or on the ice hard, be sure to miss the first man.
* When on your backhand at the point, shoot the puck into the corner.
* Look for forwards uncovered off either post and try a shot pass wide of the net for a tip.
* No unsafe stick handling as the last man, instead shoot the puck behind the net.
* No blind point to point passes, you must be sure they are safe.
* Keep the puck in front of you.
* Jump into the far corner if your forward rims the puck to keep possession.



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