How to play a 2 on 2 situation in ice hockey

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How do you play a 2 n 2 situation in ice hockey?

How to play a 2 on 2 situation in ice hockey


2 - 2 offense
* Isolate one defender and create a 2 on 1, and then go wide or pick, cross or cross and drop
* Sometimes two quick diagonal passes will create openings.

2 - 2 defense
* From the defensive point of view a 2 on 2 is really two 1 on 1's. Remember that the puck carrier is not the most dangerous attacker but the pass receiver
is. This means the weak side defenceman must concentrate on the potential pass receiver and leave the puck carrier for his partner.
* Try to establish an angle on the puck carrier as soon as possible. If you have an angle stay with the puck carrier. If no angle then switch when
puck is high and play a 1 on 1 when it is deep.
* The key to defensive play is to play as tight a gap as possible while skating backwards facing the opponent from the defensive side. If you approach the
opponent too quickly then the defender will lose defensive side positioning and have to check from behind.



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